Sunday 26 June 2016

Crafty Containers - Art Therapy for those with Alzheimer's

'Crafty Containers' is my second post ... please also have a look at my first post - 'Making Paper Flowers' 

Art Therapy has been proved to stimulate the brain, stir memories and give those with Alzheimer's a much better quality of life
Whether they are actually creating the art themselves or simply viewing it, art and crafts can bring joy to those with memory problems. 

I started introducing Arts & Crafts into my mum’s daily routine over two years ago. More than something to keep her occupied, our craft projects give her something to look forward to each day, reduce her agitation and keep her happy and content.

As well as making the beautiful crepe paper flowers that I shared in my first blog, we have many other creative endeavours! 
One of her favourite hobbies is covering boxes and containers … anything from margarine tubs to Pringles tubes, tea caddies & chocolate boxes!

Crafty Containers

Although complicated shapes are no longer easy for her to cover without help, she still manages boxes and tubes really well.
My mum has always loved pretty things … flowers and butterflies never fail to bring a smile to her face! 
I choose floral wrapping paper that I know she will love to work with.
We measure the container we wish to cover - either drawing round the shape or wrapping the pretty paper around it - marking the height / width with a pencil.
We use good quality gift wrap as this doesn't rip easily and PVA glue to stick the paper to the container.
Once the container is covered, my mum will decorate it with self-adhesive jewels for a bit of special sparkle :)

My mum's "crafty containers" keep her hands busy and stop her fidgetingMeasuring and cutting keeps her mind active.
She is at her happiest in our daily craft sessions!
I play her favourite 1940's / 50's music in the background and she sings along relaxed and happy ... loving every minute of creativity!

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  1. I really love this. Not only are you helping Mum but everyone who reads this as well. Another great example of stimulation and purpose in dementia care :)

  2. SO Very pretty!!! And so good for your Mum!! Very special time foe both of you!! :)

  3. Thank you Gale! This is a great activity to turn everyday "rubbish" into pretty, useful containers :)